Find Birth Parents, Anonymous Donors, and Other Close Relatives

Were you conceived using a sperm or egg donor? Adopted but don’t know who your birth parents are? Have an unknown parent or grandparent due to adultery or a family secret? GeneaLOGIC can help.*

John biological fatherFirst-hand experience

I found my own anonymous sperm donor father despite the original records being destroyed, and I have successfully helped other people just like you identify and meet their own biological families. With years of genealogical experience and a background in both science and history, I will help you identify your biological relative in the most efficient way possible, saving you time and money.  We will use every available research technique, especially DNA testing, to find your anonymous relative.

What to expect

At your initial no-cost consultation, we will talk through what to expect and I’ll estimate how easy or difficult your particular case appears to be based on my past experience. We’ll also talk about what might happen once we find your relative. Some reunions are happy and welcoming, but sometimes they can be be more challenging. I will work with you to make sure you’re prepared for all possible outcomes.

Contact me to set up your free consultation.

*Each case is different. I cannot guarantee I will find your lost relative, but I will be honest up front about what I think the chances for success are.