Family History Writing and Editing

From basic proofreading to writing a brand new narrative, trust GeneaLOGIC to bring your family history to life.

Experienced writer and editor

Before I started GeneaLOGIC Family Research Services, I worked as editor (lead writer) at a regional history museum. My job was to write compelling stories about ordinary people and places. (Read a few examples here, here, and here.) I can draw out the personalities that made your ancestors unique. As a trained historian, I can connect your ancestors’ lives to historical events big and small and show how they helped shape the world we live in today.

Services to fit your needs

  • Writing — Using your genealogical sources (whatever you’ve got: census records, letters, newspaper clippings, family stories, etc.) and following your vision, I will write a compelling, easy-to-read narrative about a particular family, person, or event in your family’s history.
  • Content editing — Say you’ve written a family history story, but you know you’re not the best writer in the world. I will help rearrange and re-write the draft into a polished story you’ll be proud to share with your family.
  • Copy editing — Focusing more on grammar and style than content, I will review and clean up a draft of your family history so the words that tell your family history shine as much as the people within it.

You could combine genealogical research services with writing services to create a family history narrative from scratch. Contact me to discuss your specific project and get a quote.