Whatever your genealogical needs, GeneaLOGIC can help.

GeneaLOGIC Family Research Services helps clients uncover family relationships in both the recent and distant past. The most specialized service helps people like adoptees and the children of sperm or egg donors identify their biological parents (or other close relatives). GeneaLOGIC owner John Vanek identified his own biological father in 2015 despite all documentary evidence having been destroyed, and this successful search made him realize he had unique skills that could help others in the same situation.

GeneaLOGIC also provides more traditional genealogical research services and professional family history writing and editing.


I just wanted to thank John for the impressive effort he put forth on my search for my biological father. I was impressed with his command of DNA technology and his focus on letting science drive the search paths. After months of searching on my own, going down numerous paths of guesses, hunches, etc. that yielded zero results, I was surprised how fast he was able to bring the search to a successful conclusion. The level of detail he was able to provide about my biological father was impressive and somewhat surprising. I will be happy to recommend his services to anyone with a similar need!

— Greg Olson

I contacted John with questions concerning the ancestry of my estranged father after his passing. He was able to quickly trace my ancestry back to some of the earliest documents available on free blacks. The depth of knowledge and resources he provided concerning my ancestry far exceeded my expectations. John combines the knowledge and professionalism required of any ancestry service with the passion for the subject and the confidentiality we should expect. John is incredibly flexible and a joy to work with and his services are a useful addition to any heritage investigation.

— Andrew